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How To Delete "Headlines By Feedburner" Link

How To Delete "Headlines By Feedburner" Link

Now I will share my simple tips for you about how to delete the "Headlines By Feedburner" at below of your feedburner recent posts. I know this tutorial isn't important, but I think it will be useful for who those don't wanna see backlink out in their blogs.

Feedburner Link

Yeah, that was the link, it fill too much space so I decide to delete it too. I use the inspect element feature in my firefox and get the CSS code : #creditfooter. For who know CSS, I think you don't need this tuts.

First Step

Login -> Blogger Dashboard -> Edit template

Second Step

Press CTRL + F and find ]]></b:skin> code, put this code before that

  #creditfooter {display:none;}

Delete Headlines By Feedburner

Save it and get suprised,  LOL. Thanks for visiting, if you find anything hard to do, leave a comment.
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